A Designer with over 18 years of combined experience in print and digital media.

A UX/UI designer with 20 years

of combined experience in

print, digital, and UX design.

UX/UI Designer II
Oct 2021 - Present


Nov 2020 - Oct 2021

Senior Graphic Designer
Covenant Health
May 2014 - Nov 2020

Creative Director / Owner
Candace Wilson Design
Nov 2007 - Jun 2016

Most recently, I've been working as a UX Designer for Nexient. I work with a team to design user experiences and user interfaces for a logistics company. I gather research about color and usability for the software they currently use to make suggestions for improvement that champion for the user. I design user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and hi-fidelity UI design.

Previously, I've was designing and developing for StrategyCorps. I design for financial institutions and in-house marketing for our BaZing app that is a B2B and B2C app. We provide marketing templates and custom work for our clients. Also, I design website updates for our marketing website which includes landing pages for webinars. Lately, I've been gathering research and resources to build a marketing catalog that will allows our team and clients to order various items from our site as well as building a custom stock photography repository with our in house created photos and videos. I am leading the marketing catalog build from research, wire framing, through development.

Before that, I was working for a local healthcare system. As a senior designer, I worked with the marketing managers for multiple hospitals and worked with them to build the brand for their market. I also worked closely with the foundation services which included fundraising events such as our Knoxville Marathon. I created billboards, t-shirts, social media graphics, and other printed materials for these events.

I grew up in Tennessee, where I built my passion for design. After many years in print design, I found my love for digital media, web and product design. I also am trained in full-stack web development, which has given me the opportunity to understand what goes on under the hood and can coordinate with a development team to design websites and products. My abilities to think strategically has led me down the path to UX/UI and the love for logical planning to build scalable products. I believe that along side rigorous systems, bringing emotion and empathy goes a long way to building a great product that user will enjoy on a regular basis.

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